About Me

I am a classically trained homeopath and health & wellness educator. I run a family practice with a focus on individual needs, working with clients both in-person in Twain Harte California, as well as virtually around the world. I specialize in women’s health and the treatment of injuries from vaccines.

My mission is to empower and guide you to achieve greater health in a natural, harmonious, and sustainable way so you can live in your highest potential. I trained in classical homeopathy and graduated from the renowned School Of Homeopathy in Devon, UK, acquiring the highest degree offered at the time, “Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy”. 

I am dedicated to ongoing professional development and continue to train with renowned homeopaths across the globe including Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Shachindra & Dr. Bhawisha Joshi, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and Dr. Michal Yakir who’s revolutionary methods brought greater accuracy and efficiency to the homeopathic process.

My passion for healing began as a young child growing up in the rolling hills of the Galilee of Israel. Alternative and holistic healing modalities were the go-to medicines in our household. I was only five years old when the gypsy herbalist veterinarian that later became known worldwide as The Mother Of Herbal Medicine, Juliette Of The Herbs, came to live in our community. But, I still remember vividly accompanying her on daily walks. I witnessed in awe as the herbs she lovingly picked and carefully crafted worked wonders. At home, my mother had an old first aid homeopathy book with pages that got discolored over the years, to which she would refer at times of need. The remedies were quite few, and the potencies quite low, but it often worked, and besides, everyone loved the little sweet pills. That was the beginning of my path to becoming a healer. 

But it wasn’t until I had children of my own that I realized the incredible power of a carefully and skillfully selected homeopathic remedy. Most significant at the time was the case of my daughter, Zahara. For lack of a better alternative, we resorted to vaccinating her against tetanus. She soon developed a reaction to the vaccine and nothing I tried seemed to relieve the symptoms. The medical doctors denied any correlation to the vaccine, but the little happy, healthy little girl I had before the vaccine, was now not happy, or healthy, and nothing I tried healed her. After three months with continued attempts on my end, and several doctor visits and no relief, I took her to see a classically trained homeopath. Within a matter of just a few days her health was restored!

Though I have a rich background in different healing modalities, homeopathy has become my foremost passion. I’ve now witnessed it work wonders many times over and it never ceases to amaze me. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with anyone looking for a miracle.

I hold a Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy in addition to hundreds of hours of additional training with world-class homeopaths across the globe. I am the co-founder and now continue to lead a study group for homeopaths in North America. I hold a certification in professional supervision for homeopaths from Sea Change.

Other certifications and courses I completed in the health and wellbeing field include Energy Healing, Reiki Master, medicinal plants, Ayurvedic massage for babies, Aromatherapy and therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, Traditional northern style Thai Massage, Thai herbal massage, and Thai foot massage, Bach Flowers Therapist Certification, last stage of study for a diploma in iridology, First Aid/CPR/AED Adult, Child, and Baby.

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