Bach Flower Remedies

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies (also called Bach Flower essences,  BFE, or BFR) were discovered by Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath in the 1930’s. The remedies are made of 38 individual wildflowers in one of two methods of preparation. In the sun method the flowers are soaked in water under sunny skies. The second method is a boiling method. In both methods, the water is allowed to observe and mimic the energy of the flowers. To make the Mother Tincture it is then mixed with brandy for preservation (or vegetable glycerin for alcohol free preparations).  Stock bottles are then made by further dilution of the Mother tincture.  Unlike homeopathy, in BFT (Bach Flower Therapy) the remedies are often combined into a blend, to suit the individual’s state and address any unwanted mental, emotional, or physical conditions.


Who are they good for? 

 BFR are a non toxic and gentle yet effective therapeutic resource that can be used safely for everyone, including elders, pregnant women, infants, children, animals and plants. Bach Flower Remedies can be used in conjunction with homeopathy (as they resonate on a different level) or on their own. They can be safely used in conjunction with any other therapies, allopathic as well as natural. They will not interfere with the action of other therapies or any substances. 


What can they treat?

Bach Flower remedies address a wide range of emotional states: fear, anger, depression, low self-esteem, indecision, overwhelm, and more. They have also been found to resolve psychosomatic conditions, as well as both acute and chronic physical symptoms. BFR are a wonderful instrument for treating and supporting the whole family through everyday challenges. For example, helping babies wean from breastfeeding, weaning from bedwetting, starting school, going for a job interview, (nervous?). Having a hard time studying for an exam? Or maybe  you want to lose weight. BFR can address all these and much much more. 

If you are looking for help in balancing emotions and the mental and physical conditions associated with them, Bach FlowerTherapy may benefit you

  • ADD & ADHD: Gain patience and clarity, and improve concentration. With the support of Bach Flowers it is possible to eliminate Ritalin and other psychoactive drugs.
  • Be the change - Be successful in changes, transitions and transformations; weaning from breast-feeding, bedwetting, starting school, or a new job, etc.
  • Addictions - Control cravings and provide the support you need so you succeed in your transformation. For weight management, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and more. 
  • Emotional balance - If you struggle with grief, anxiety, fear, depression, guilt, anger or other challenging emotions
  • Life path exploration - Facilitate changes for realizing your full potential so you can live and be your best
  • And more...
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