The consultation 

The homeopathic consultation is a unique experience. The task of the homeopath is to find the particular substance in nature that most closely fits your unique symptom picture in its totality. This requires a thorough and accurate gathering of information about your state of health. You will very rarely have the opportunity to be listened to with such close attention in your lifetime. There are few other situations in which your health and your self are explored so thoroughly. This can be a very empowering experience.

An initial case-taking consultation may take up to three hours to establish a complete picture of your pattern of health. The homeopath regards the body as more than the sum of its parts, and as more than a merely mechanical and chemical system. As well as exploring your current complaints in detail, the homeopath will gather information about you in general, and your unique experience of life. To move towards an understanding of yourself and your health within the context of your life can enable you to regain perspective and engage in a process of self-healing and insight. At the end of your interview, your homeopath will indicate the remedy found to be most suitable for you at the time.

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