Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage, or, in the Thai language "nuad phaen boran", is performed on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed. Thai massage belongs to one of the branches of traditional Thai medicine. Thai massage was developed by Thai buddhist monks to help facilitate and encourage healing and harmony. It is based on stimulating energy flow in Sen lines (energy lines) through dynamic and rhythmic movements, stretching, massage, and acupressure points. Thai massage combines elements of yoga, Ayurveda, assisted stretching, acupressure and meditation to provide a unique and powerful bodywork experience. Thai massage practitioners use their feet, knees, elbows and forearms, as well as their hands and fingers during a therapeutic session. Although the client’s physical body is addressed, the therapy is also meant to bring balance and harmony to the energy body and to the mind of the receiver, and to encourage a process of self-healing. 

The use of hot herbal packs, a unique combination of healing Thai herbs, can be included in the session. The warm herbal pack makes for a deeper healing experience. The heat from the pack deeply penetrates muscles and tendons, facilitating relaxation. Traditionally, a session of Thai massage lasts a minimum of one and a half hours, but can be flexible.

Benefits of Thai Massage include: 

  • Facilitates relaxation
  • Heightens awareness
  • Frees blockages in energy flow
  • Invigorates the nervous system
  • Relieves pain and muscle tension
  • Increases ability to absorb nutrition
  • Strengthens and rejuvenates the body
  • Improves circulation of blood and lymph
  • Increases flexibility (passive yoga postures)
  • Gives a general feeling of well being assisting in balancing body, mind, and spirit
  • Enhances elimination of wastes and toxic debris from physical, mental and emotional strain
  • Thai massage can be particularly helpful in relieving: headaches, migraines, arthritis, whiplash pain, paralysis, numbness, sciatica, back pain and other conditions.
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